7 hours ago
Bello skateboard
Michele Pollini
12 hours ago
Great robe, well made and very warm. Perfect for apres SUP.
Mr Paul Bradley
15 hours ago
Lovely orange dryrobe. It’s for a Christmas present so not used yet but feels good quality.
Babs C
1 day ago
Looks good nice to have a choice of colours.A present for the wife.
Nigel Stears-Tremlett
1 day ago
Look great and really sturdy, brought as Christmas present for Grandsons so I don’t really know anything about skateboards.
Mrs Diane Anderson
1 day ago
Great product, great price!
2 days ago
Super god
John hansen
2 days ago
Super Roller
2 days ago
Cheaper tha dry robe but similar quality
P Harris
2 days ago
Well made, easy to fit
Kenneth Fuller
2 days ago
Komplettes Einsteiger-Set, absolut ok.
2 days ago
Beautiful sturdy item exactly what my little boy asked for.
Cindy Payne
3 days ago
good product
3 days ago
mon fils adore
david fornet
3 days ago
Awesome surfskate for the price! Impecable shipment and delivery!
Tito Moreira
3 days ago
bought this in the sale and for £55 all in, I think this is a steal. Not been used yet as its a Christmas for present for my four year old. On first inspection looks like solid construction and sturdy. the chucks have a nice motion and sturdy, the balance plate has a good none slip surface only negative thing I can point out is the holding pin for the steering column could be sturdier and the brake peddle looks thin but I don't think this will be a problem for what my child will be using it for.
Brendon Hogan
4 days ago
Very pleased with the two dryrobes which are Christmas present for grand-daughter. We live in Cornwall so when they visit they are always in the sea - the older one is planning to swim on Christmas day so the dryrobe will be just what she needs. The family also goes camping alot so, gain they will be useful warm clothing to snuggle up in after a days activities
Barbara Hough
4 days ago
Keep my feet lovely and warm x
5 days ago
Good quality helmet! Very comfortable to wear! My son loves it!
Georgiana Tet
5 days ago
Top quality coat, bought as present for wife. She is an open swimmer and is very pleased with the coat.
Ken Mortimer-Jones
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Side by Side Roller-Skates

In this category you can find a pair of retro-styled side-by-side roller-skates and join the disco beat for some fitness, exercise, or casual roller-skating.

What is a side-by-side roller-skate?

Side-by-side roller-skates are skates with four wheels, which are placed in the same manner as wheels on a skateboard. Side-by-side roller skates can be used for fitness and exercise or fun and play.
This type of skates has been on the market for years, but in the '60s they became particularly popular for disco music and roller-skating. Later in the '80s, they came back into fashion as outdoor roller-skates for fun exercise and play. Today, they have become wildly popular again, due to the characteristic retro/vintage look, and we typically use them as a means of commuting, sports, and casual skating.

Who are side-by-side roller-skates for?

Side-by-side roller-skates are for everyone of all ages - both children and adults. They are ideal for beginners and kids. The reason for this is the four wheels set side by side- These provide an easier start for new and young skaters. In addition, side-by-side roller-skates are also for everyone who wants a pair of versatile roller-skates for pleasant trips with friends and family or roller-skating fun and exercise.
Find our side-by-side roller-skates for children here.
Or check out our side-by-side roller skates for adults here.

Why choose side-by-side roller-skates?

Are you starting out as a skater, or does your child want to have lots of fun with skating? Then a pair of side-by-side roller-skates would be ideal. The four wheels give a higher balance and a greater sense of control over the skates. When you are new to skating, this can be an advantage - both in the sense that you get better experiences early on, but also to partly avoid falling and getting off on the wrong foot.
If you are into disco dancing and funky movements, side-by-side roller-skates are also just for you and your needs.
In addition, side-by-side roller-skates are a retro hit that never goes out of fashion. The special vintage design with beautiful colors and different types of boots/shoes is a delight to the eyes.

What to pay attention to when buying roller-skates

When you buy side-by-side roller-skates, you can quickly end up choosing a pair solely based on looks. Although they look good, it may well be that another pair of skates are better suited for what you need.
It is a good idea to pay attention to the wheel hardness of the roller-skates. The hardness is measured by a durometer scale, which goes from 0-100 A. The higher a numerical value, the harder your roller-skate wheels will be. Wheels with high hardness have high longevity, but less shock absorption. Whereas wheels with a lower numerical value, will wear faster, but will also have a better grip and shock absorption.
Another thing to be aware of when buying a pair of side-by-side roller skates is the material of the blade. Typically, blades are made of hard plastic or aluminum. Hard plastic such as nylon is lighter, but an aluminum blade is both stronger and stiffer, and therefore provides better acceleration.
One last thing that is worth considering when buying side-by-side roller skates is the ball-bearings. ABEC-9 ball-bearings roll better than ABEC-5. So, this often says something about the quality of the roller-skates you buy.

Side-by-side roller-skating equipment - What do you need?

As a skater with side-by-side roller-skates, it is important to have your safety in order. Therefore, it is always recommended to wear a helmet, wrist, elbow, and knee pads. So, you can best avoid injuries on your roller-skating trips.
It is also smart to have spare wheels, extra wheels, and other parts for roller-skates, so you can replace or swap out if necessary.
Find here all our extra roller-skates parts.