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Roller-skate Components

Here you will find all our components for roller-skates - both for side-by-side and inline skates. Perhaps you want to upgrade a pair of old skates with better ball-bearings? Or maybe you need spare parts such as wheels or a new brake? Whatever you need for your skates, new and old. You will find most of it in this category.
Be sure to also check out our selection of roller-skate accessories.

Roller-skate wheels – The size and hardness

The wheels on roller-skates have most likely been chosen by the manufacturer. However, the size and hardness of the wheels have a big impact on what your skates can and cannot do. Here you will find roller-skate wheels in different sizes - everything from 72mm, 76mm and 84mm.
There are also different hardnesses for roller-skate wheels. There are measured on the Durometer scale from 0-100. The higher the numerical value, the harder the wheels are for your skates.
Find here all our wheels for roller-skates.

Hardware for roller-skates

Over time, most things become obsolete, and the same thing happens with roller-skates. However, you do not always have to buy a brand-new pair.

Ball-bearings– The best spin!

Ball-bearings today are superb and roller-skates ride insanely well. Typically, most roller-skates today have ball-bearings from ABEC-7 to ABEC-9. But perhaps you have a pair of old roller-skates that either have some overused and worn ball-bearings, or maybe you want to own skates with ball-bearings higher than ABEC-5.
In any case, it is always a great idea to have more ball-bearings at hand, should the need suddenly arise.
Find here all our ball-bearings for roller-skates.

Roller-skate brakes – Safety first

The brake of roller-skates always work properly. However, when using your skates and brakes, it is inevitable that your brake will wear down over time. Therefore, it is smart to get a couple or more, so you can always replace a worn-out brake.
Check out our selection of roller-skate brakes.

Miscellaneous parts - Redesign or upgrade your roller-skates

Other small parts you may also need to replace on your skates are parts such as laces, frames, cuffs, and the insole of the roller-skate itself. You may also want to redesign your skates a bit or need a better frame made of a stronger material.
Either way, there is a great chance to find what you need for parts for your skates in this category.
Have a look at our variety of roller-skate parts.


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