15 hours ago
To be tested
Gregor M
19 hours ago
Super light and massively outperforms my old aluminum/plastic paddle it's in a totally different class. To me well worth the upgrade. I also bought it on a discounted special so excellent value for money.
michael collins
20 hours ago
Seems like flimsy material but its a ramp for $20. It works, so I'm stoked. Thanks
Basil Houston
1 day ago
Good product for good price
1 day ago
Heavy, roomy but nice fit, excellent quality and the lilac is a really lovely colour. I shall use mine for dog walking, not water sports, and I can’t wait for a wet and windy day so I can wear it.
Penny Nichol
1 day ago
Not the lightest of the paddles, but it seems strong, and has a good building quality
João Pedro Carvlho Fernandes
1 day ago
I bought this scooter for my grandsons 13 birthday. I was not dissapointed as he absolutely loves it.
Ruth Mulhall
3 days ago
God God God God God
Zheng Zhang
3 days ago
4 days ago
I bought this as my first inline skates. Skates are sturdier than anticipated and look cool
Sam A
4 days ago
Cool og smooth
Anne F
4 days ago
Really nice piece of kit for the money, this is my second NKX board I already own the Instinct, but wanted something a bit speedier and my children are using the Instinct.
Richard Evans
4 days ago
Great strong little bike very pleased
nora archer
4 days ago
Very happy with product
Stephen Wightman
5 days ago
Top Scooter!
5 days ago
The board feels amazing!! It’s really smooth and can carve really well. I really like the 46inch because you got lots of room to move around and dance away. It is pretty heavy tho because the board is really thick. But what do you expect from such a big board and it isn’t clumsy at all because it can steer sharper as some cruisers do. So big shout to the Flagship!! Its cheap to now so get one it’s worth the money
Vasco Herfs
5 days ago
They are very comfortable, I advise getting at least half size up, I got a 7 and they were okay but a bit tight for what I like, (after lace up). First time trying them on ice felt so good, very comfortable however it could of had a bit more ankle support, but other then that they're a good buy, dont regret the purchase one bit. Love them.
Felicity Chesman
6 days ago
Top Helm der Brain Saver
Boris Herzog
6 days ago
Not used yet, but it looks very good. Let's see directly on slopes next winter
Alessandro Foschini
6 days ago
very nice!
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Winter Sports

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