16 hours ago
Skates were delivered in good time, perfectly package, size fits, and colour as expected. Used once and they feel quite robust and durable. Highly recommend.
Michelle Millington
1 day ago
Super flot og god kvalitet.
Andersen Lone
2 days ago
Best Skate Shoe i've ever skated with, absurd amount of comfort and board feel, with really good padding and cushings for the ankle!!! And also really confortable to wear on a daily basis \\\ Melhor ténis de skate que alguma vez usei para skatar, quantidade absurda de conforto e board feel, com absorção de impacto excelente e o calcanhar fica muito bem protegido!!! E também são super confortáveis para o dia-a-dia. !!!!!
Filipe Caeiro
2 days ago
top product.
2 days ago
Very good
Fedele Basso
2 days ago
Very good, great looking slipper!
Mrs Beate Jansohn
3 days ago
great stuff
3 days ago
Everything good
Michał Jędrzejczak
3 days ago
Excellent skates. Used them for the first time last week. Very comfortable.
N Hanson
3 days ago
Radoslaw Kawka
3 days ago
Radoslaw Kawka
3 days ago
Good quality
3 days ago
Very Good quality
4 days ago
Perfect step for adults
4 days ago
Hammer skateboard
Mustafa Mentese
4 days ago
The scooter is really good ,easy to use in the park and he is very light I hope the scooter will last for many years
4 days ago
Goed, op tijd come, kinder happy
Deniels Calkovskis
4 days ago
Good quality not used yet so time will tell. So far looks ok. Was wary of company due to not great customer service but came through in end
4 days ago
I am delighted with this product.
5 days ago
Super monopattino. Robusto e stabile.
Alberto Mazzocchi
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Inline Skates

What are inline skates?

Inline skates are what are most often referred to as regular skates. Typically, they are designed with 3-4 wheels placed in a row. These skates are found in many subgroups and differ by having various boot and wheel types. Some skates are suitable for fitness and exercise, while other types of inline skates specialize in race, tricks, or ramp riding. When choosing an inline skate, consider what you want to use it for, and in addition that it has the right fit for your feet.

Inline skates – Which suits who and why?

Inlines are skates for everyone - both adults and children. The coolest thing about inline skates is the massive selection of different types. The many subgroups provide ample opportunity to find a pair of skates that live up to your preferences within roller-skating.
There are inline skates for fun and casual skating, which are ideal for children and beginners with a desire for quality skates intended for play and fun exercise.
Then there are inline skates for cool stunts and freestyle skating. These are perfect for anyone passionate about the tricks on ramps and in the skatepark and/or the streets. Can mainly be used by all levels, but it helps to have some experience skating, as freestyle inline skates can be quite technical to use. As a last overall subgroup, we have inline skates for racing. Skates for racing are for speedsters, and skaters who partake in competitions and actively practice the racing sport.
In short, with all these options. There are certainly inline skates for you and your needs, so you can get out and ride your skates exactly the way you want it.
Find our selection of inline skates for kids.
Or check out all our inline skates for adults.

Characteristics – What type of inline skates are for you?

When you are trying to find the right skates for you, there are certain characteristics of each different subgroup to know about. These can help you find the perfect pair of inline skates for your child or for yourself.
Below we have gathered a little about each of the 3 main subgroups within inline roller-skating.

Fitness Inline Skates

Fitness skates are characterized by how smooth they roll and how comfortable they are to wear. The fitness inline skates have medium-sized wheels and a supportive but also quite flexible boot. The purpose of the fitness skate is to help you exercise in an exciting fashion. These inline skates can be used by children and adults, both for transportation and roller-skating trips. Can also be used for fun play and casual rides with family and friends.

Aggressive & Free Skates

Aggressive and free skates are characterized by having a more rigid and protective boot that can withstand blows from rougher landings. The ideal aggressive skate has a large and powerful boot with small wheels. It has grind-plates on the sides of the boot, and there is also space for grinding on the frame between the wheels. The perfect inline skate for the craziest of stunts. A free skate roller-skate is a mix of the fitness skate and the aggressive skate. These free skates may look a little different but are typically used for tricks or as a means of transportation.

Race & Speed

Race or speed inline skates are skates intended for racing and high speeds. These skates are used for competitive riding both indoors and outdoors. Race inline skates have a high flexibility and large wheels, but lesser ankle support for your rides. So, if you are not directly looking for race inline skates, you could alternatively choose skates with greater ankle support.

What kind of equipment and protective gear do you need?

It is always recommended to use the necessary protective gear when skating with inline skates. As you potentially could fall and get severely hurt if your safety is not in order.
Therefore, it is smart to use both a helmet and other protective equipment in the form of wrist guards, elbow and knee pads.
Find here all our helmets for skates.
And check out our smart 3-packs protective gear.