NKX Maverick Surfskate Series
Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $224.95
30", 31", 29", 32"
NKX Maverick Surfskate Series
Regular Price $224.95
30", 31", 29", 32"
NKX Deluxe Double Ramp
Regular Price $154.95
6'11" x 9.84" x 6.69"
NKX Single Ramp + Rail
103 x 18 x 10"
NKX 4-Way Skate Ramp
Regular Price $209.95
One Size
NKX 2-Way Skate Ramp
Special Price $59.95 Regular Price $94.95
One Size



Surf skates are a relatively new type of longboards that are most often designed to resemble a surfboard. The very special feature of a surfskate is its ability to achieve a surf-like feeling when skating on the roads.
One of the design choices that makes this possible is the surfskate trucks. These let you carve your board so much on the roads that it almost resembles that of a wave in water.
Surf skates are also good at maneuvering and extremely stable because of the wider surfboard-like shape.

Surfskates are really well suited to those who like to cruise and carve in the streets, and want to experience the ultra fun surf sensation on their rides.