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17 hours ago
Very impressed by workmanship and design of this canoe. Seems great value for money. Looking forward to getting to use it
1 day ago
The product is great quality and met all my expectations.
1 day ago
a really top quality robe better than dry robe itself, extremely warm and water proof, they can be worn straight from swimming without the need to change and the car seats do not get wet after a three quarter hour drive.
Customer tony
1 day ago
Dndlsmsns jj
Nuria Moreno Gómez
1 day ago
brilliant product at an awesome price. cheers guy's
Mr Jones
2 days ago
Great skates for inside and outside. Smooth and comfortable. A good fit, true to size.
Gemma Nowicka
2 days ago
Love it, love it. Love it!!!
3 days ago
Waited a year to buy one as wanted recommendations.... great purchase .... no more freezing post swim journeys to the car and home.
3 days ago
Good fit. Look smart and is warm and waterproof
Russ Vickers
3 days ago
Used in 0 degrees Celsius and worked beautifully when swimming! 2 mm more than sufficient for this temp + great fitting on the
Tove Janka Lunden
3 days ago
Warm, light and great for changing after ice dipping!❄️
Tove Janka Lunden
3 days ago
Good product,fast shiping.
Aivaras Vainauskas
4 days ago
Lightweight and very much worth the cost.
Angie Stephenson
4 days ago
Good quality trucks and wheels. Looks cool. Love it!
Laura Sleeman
4 days ago
Comfortable and light, nice helmet
Bin Gong
4 days ago
Good quality product
Daniel Langton
4 days ago
I would recommend this company.
Dennis Main
4 days ago
So happy with them ! Very comfortable
5 days ago
Nickel, respectant mes attentes
Laurent DUPONT
5 days ago
Great product
Maite Miranda
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Freestyle / Freeride

Freeride longboards are usually symmetrical, also called twintip. This means that you can skate in both directions without problems. Freeride longboards can be used for a bit of everything, but are especially good at performing lots of spins and tricks while skating. This, of course, means that freeriding is a little more advanced in comparison to cruising.
A deck for freeride longboards is typically not very flexible, if anything at all. In addition, the wheels are small and hard, as this ensures that youll feel stable and fast when skating.
Freeride longboards are for those who want a more versatile longboard, as well as those who as a beginner wants a longboard they can practice on.

Longboards for freestyle are shaped with a kicktail that allows to pop ones longboard up from the ground, thus performing a series of sick tricks. The deck is made with lots of flex and therefore wildly stuck.
Freestyle longboards have hard and small wheels, as this helps building speed and make maneuvers easier and with more responsive actions.
Freestyle longboards are for those who love fun and wild tricks and who have trouble choosing between a skateboard or a longboard. With a freestyle longboard you get a little bit of each sport in one board.