5 hours ago
super griptape
7 hours ago
George Rivas
11 hours ago
Kids are happy with their new trottis
Erika Oberson
1 day ago
Comfortable, extra warm, and stylish.
1 day ago
Great looking helmet, not used it yet. Great value too
Nick Shield
1 day ago
Good quality
Christos Zirnovalis
1 day ago
Good quality
Christos Zirnovalis
1 day ago
An excellent scooter. Looks good and well made. Haven’t had a chance to use much yet but very pleased. I’m a 6’2” fella and it’s fine for me with bars at full height. Would definitely recommend.
Matt B
1 day ago
Great items.
Chell Cox
1 day ago
Good quality and fast shipping.
Helena Gabriela Jorge
2 days ago
Great looking skates and a fabulous price, delivery was also extremely quick!
Gems & Stems
2 days ago
Parfait ! Parfait !
Claudine Claudine
2 days ago
Great changing robe. I ordered an XL as I’m 6ft but probably could have done with a large. Colour is less vibrant than shown on website but looks good with the grey fleece lining. Super warm and waterproof. Happy!
M. Dendy
2 days ago
Unable to review scooter as this is a Christmas present
2 days ago
Un peu "cheap" mais fera l'affaire !
soulard yannick
2 days ago
2 days ago
Daughter loves it
2 days ago
Excellent robe and price
Tristan Whalley
3 days ago
Really lovely for after cold sea swims.
3 days ago
Part of previous order
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Balance Bikes

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Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes - Great for the youngest

Balance bikes are a great vehicle for the youngest, and which have the smart function of being able to switch between being a bike and a scooter. A balance bike can be of great benefit, such as training movement and childrens balance skills. It is an easy vehicle to start with and can provide many hours of fun.
In this category you will find our wide selection of quality balance bikes for kids to some excellent prices.

Age and size - How old and tall should your child be?

Your choice of a balance bike, depends on the size of your child. Initially, age and size interact with each other generally, but beyond that, age is not as applicable to the choice of a balance bike for your child. The childs leg length and size are far more significant. As a good rule of thumb, your child should be able to get on and off the bike themselves. and when sitting on the seat, the child should be able to easily touch the ground.
See all our balance bikes for kids.

Balance Bikes for kids - The Best Start

Balance bikes for kids is a good start, so they can learn to keep their balance. It is also typically recommended as a good idea to start off with a tricycle as this teaches the child how to coordinate their arms and legs, as well as how to use the pedals, as balance bikes can get more speed. As a beginning, a tricycle can give the child some better steering skills and thus better equip them for a balance bike later.
An easy rule of thumb to find the perfect beginner balance bike is to choose one with some wide tires as wider tires make it easier for the child to keep their balance.
Also see all our kids scooters.

Balance bikes for the youngest - 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers and 4-wheelers

In the early stages from about 1 year old, balance bikes with 3-wheels or 4-wheels will be most suitable as it will aid the training of childrens balance skills and provide good experiences before the child gets old and big enough for a 2-wheel balance bike. The seat on these types can be adjusted in height, and in some of the very best 4-wheels there is an extra support in the form of a shaft. This shaft allows the balance bike to tilt to both sides without tipping over so that the child will be able to train their movement and balance more easily at first.
As the child grows older and in size too, it will eventually be possible to use a 2-wheel balance bike. Here it may be considered to get a balance bike with a handbrake, so that the child also learn to use such, rather than just braking with their feet. A 2-wheel balance bike can have a faster pace, so it may be smart to start out on softer surfaces such as grass or other similar surfaces to avoid unfortunate situations on asphalt for example. As parents you can set up smaller obstacle courses and thereby train the child through fun activities to teach turning and overall control of the balance bike. This will over time increase their self-esteem and prove to them that they can do more and more on their own.
Here you will find various parts for your balance bike .

Balance Bike Accessories - What Do You Need?

We strongly recommend that your child wear a helmet every time they use their balance bike to avoid accidental injuries. In addition, we also recommend other protective equipment such as elbow, knee and wrist protectors to be on the safe side.

See all our protective gear for kids here.