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ATTENTION! Unfortunately, we can not help you with already placed orders or tracking of packages in the chat - see below for help.

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Further questions:
When we transfer your parcel to the shipping company, the transport and the actual delivery of your parcel is the responsibility of the shipping company.
You must have your parcel number ready when you contact the shipping company.

Specific shipping issues
If you have specific questions for your shipment or track and trace, please contact us by phone +44 1443 809880.

Search for a lost package

If you have been in contact to the shipping company and they state that the package has been in their custody, but that it is currently lost, we will handle the search for the package and help you find it or replace the content.

Please send us an email to tracktrace@euroskateshop.com, with order number and tracking number.

Most often, the shipping company will find the package within 1 week from the day the inquiry was created by us. If the shipping company consider the package as lost, we will send you a new package as soon as possible :)

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