Before you create a complaint case on your paddle...

We note that 95% of cases of complaints on paddles are due to problems setting it up!

Not covered by your right of complaint!

The right of complaint does not cover products that are not set up correctly. SUP boards and SUP'ing are the part of the special sports where the athlete is expected to have knowledge of settings of certain elements. Do you have problems with the paddle not holding the length? Then luckily you can fix it quickly. See below.

1 2
1) Open the buckle and set the height (your height + 6-8 inches). 2) Now turn the open buckle clockwise to tighten it.
3 4
3) You may well need to turn it several times. 4) You can now close the buckle. The height of the paddle is fixed!


Is the paddle definitely damaged?

Then you are welcome to create a complaint with us.
You can create a complaint after you have checked the checkbox below:

The paddle cannot be set correctly because there is a definite fault on the paddle.
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