Before you create a complaint case due to leakage...

Leakage is in 95% of cases caused by the valve not being tightened!

This is NOT covered by your warrenty and a complaint will most likely be rejected!

Your warranty does not cover products that are not adjusted correctly. SUP boards and SUP boarding are special sports where the practitioner is expected to possess necessary knowledge to adjust certain elements of the board. A leaky board due to a loose valve is often found in the sport and can be solved fairly easy! See below.


1 2
1) Leaky? In 95% of cases, the valve is loose! 2) Insert the valve tool into the valve
3 4
3) Tighten the valve by turning the tool clockwise while pressing the tool down towards the ground. IT MUST BE TIGHTENED A LOT! 4) The SUP should not leak any more!




Is your SUP still leaking after this?

Then you are welcome to create a complaint with us.
You can create a complaint after you have checked the checkbox below:

I HAVE tried to tighten the valve but my SUP is still leaking.
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