Before you create a complaint case due to the deck pad...

It is a completely normal phenomenon that the deck pad comes loose at the edge. Takes less than 5 min. to glue (the glue must be waterproof)!

SUP boards and SUP'ing are the part of special sports where the athlete is expected to have knowledge of correcting certain elements. It only takes 5 minutes to glue. See below how to handle this.

1 2
1) Identify how much of the toad has come loose. 2) The glue (all waterproof types can be used) is applied in a thin layer, along the loose edge.
3 4
3) Pressure is now applied to the toad where you glued it. 4) The glue cures in 24 hours. You're ready again!


Is the deck toad definitely damaged?

Then you are welcome to create a complaint with us.
You can create a complaint after you have checked the checkbox below:

The deck pad cannot be glued and there is a definite fault on the pad.
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