Before you create a complaint case

Problems with the steering gear in 95% of cases are due to the compression system being tightened too much, or not tightened at all.

Not covered by your right of complaint!

The right of complaint does not cover products that are not set up correctly. For scooters, it is expected that the practitioner has knowledge of settings of certain elements.

ATTENTION: The guide below explains what to do if the steering gear is LOOSE! You must therefore loosen the nuts if the handlebar/bar turns too sluggishly.

1 2
1) You must loosen the screws on the clamp and lift off the bar / handlebar 2) You now need to tighten the LOWER nut. It must be tightened as much as possible, while the front fork can rotate freely.
3 4
3) Grab two wrenches and tighten the top and bottom nuts against each other. That is, the bottom WITH the clock, and the top WITH the clock. Tighten hard! 4) Replace the bar and tighten the screws in the clamp.


Are you still having problems with the steering?

Then you are welcome to create a complaint with us.
You can create a complaint after you have checked the checkbox below:

I HAVE tried to loosen and / or tighten the compression system.
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