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If your wheel is bad, in 95% of cases it is due to the ball bearing being damaged.

Ball bearings are fragile!

It is very rare for a complaint on ball bearings to be approved even if they are damaged. This is because ball bearings are fragile, and anything from impact, liquid to dust, can destroy them. If you have had your scooter in use, there is unfortunately a great risk that either a blow, liquid or dust has entered the ball bearing while you were using it. Do not despair though! It is not difficult to change ball bearings (NOTE! It is even easier to buy new wheels, and then you have the opportunity to give the scooter your own pre with a cool design! - it costs almost the same)

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1) Slide an Allen key obliquely down through the upper ball bearing and spacer so that the end of the tool rests on the edge of the lower ball bearing. 2) Place the wheel on, for example, a tape roll with a hole in the middle, so that you can knock out the ball bearing with a hammer.
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3) Now mount the wheel nut, new ball bearings and spacer on the wheel as illustrated in the picture. It is not yet possible to insert the ball bearing into the wheel. 4) You can now tighten the wheel axle on both sides while keeping an eye on the ball bearings being pressed correctly into place in the wheel.



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