Welcome to the B2B section of USASkateshop.com

If you are a B2B customer with us, you can buy rollerskates, scooters and skateboards etc. at wholesale prices, with us, because we sell exclusive brands that you can not buy elsewhere. Our primary purpose in being able to provide B2B to stores and webshops is that we can obtain greater discounts from our suppliers. We can do this because we buy directly from factories, and in larger quantities, thereby saving on shipping.

We do not see our B2B customers as competitors, but as customers.

B2B customer in the United States

For you as a B2B customer, our American presence and warehouse means that you can easily get in touch with us, as well as receive your goods quickly. We always have a high level of service for all our customers and especially you. We can always be reached at almost any time of the day via email - and we respond.

Distribution of brands

We stock and distribute brands for NKD Scooters, NKX, Annox, Story and many other brands.

How to become a B2B customer?

To become a B2B customer, you need to buy items with a view to resale. If you are interested in becoming a B2B customer, send us an email at info@boarddistribution.com. Please describe a little about your company, as well as what your expectations are for the sale of products.