17 hours ago
Comfortable, extra warm, and stylish.
19 hours ago
Great looking helmet, not used it yet. Great value too
Nick Shield
23 hours ago
Good quality
Christos Zirnovalis
23 hours ago
Good quality
Christos Zirnovalis
1 day ago
An excellent scooter. Looks good and well made. Haven’t had a chance to use much yet but very pleased. I’m a 6’2” fella and it’s fine for me with bars at full height. Would definitely recommend.
Matt B
1 day ago
Great items.
Chell Cox
1 day ago
Good quality and fast shipping.
Helena Gabriela Jorge
1 day ago
Great looking skates and a fabulous price, delivery was also extremely quick!
Gems & Stems
1 day ago
Parfait ! Parfait !
Claudine Claudine
1 day ago
Great changing robe. I ordered an XL as I’m 6ft but probably could have done with a large. Colour is less vibrant than shown on website but looks good with the grey fleece lining. Super warm and waterproof. Happy!
M. Dendy
1 day ago
Unable to review scooter as this is a Christmas present
1 day ago
Un peu "cheap" mais fera l'affaire !
soulard yannick
1 day ago
2 days ago
Daughter loves it
2 days ago
Excellent robe and price
Tristan Whalley
2 days ago
Really lovely for after cold sea swims.
2 days ago
Part of previous order
2 days ago
The product I am pleased with but the items arrived late and all the packaging was damaged and the only reason I got my order was that I had to keep chasing the delivery people on the where abouts of my parcel
2 days ago
Super Produkt, stabile Konstruktion.
Rolf Fischer
2 days ago
Nice skeelers, super gaaf
Aidita Willems
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Airtracks - What is an airtrack and what is it used for?

An airtrack is an inflatable flat surface for use in jumping and other home gymnastics. It can be used by all ages and levels. Airtracks are most commonly used for training jump combinations, such as tab flick, forward / backward solos, wind turbines and power jumps, and to achieve softer landings at higher jumps. The better the quality of an airtrack, the more gymnastics and other sports it can be used for.
The great thing about airtracks being inflatable is that they can easily be stored and moved around to your various destinations. Airtracks come in ​​different lengths and thicknesses, as well as qualities - and so it is crucial to your choice of airtrack to consider what you will mainly use it for. Whether it is most for fun and play or training and practicing gymnastics.
In this category you will find all our quality airtracks for children, young people and adults at the best prices online.

Construction - How are airtracks made?

Airtracks are typically made of PVC, which is a feature-rich and durable material, making it ideal for airtracks and SUP boards. In fact, airtracks use some of the same technologies as SUPs for their design, including double rail and blind stitch technologies. Blind stitched is a sewing method that connects two surfaces together in a way that makes sewing almost invisible. Double rail technology reinforces the weakest point on the airtracks, namely the sides. Double rail adds an extra layer of protection to the sides to avoid punctures and significantly increases products life span.
See all our airtracks here.

Indoor and outdoor - Where to use your airtrack?

Airtracks can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are ideal for anyone who wants better access to gymnastics at home or in their garden for example. In addition, you can also bring your airtrack with you around the park or on the beach, to get some nice surroundings for your workout or as a fun little "playground" for the kids. However, keep in mind that the sun causes the pumped air to expand, so if the pressure is too high, the airtrack may puncture.
Apart from that, hot degrees from the sun can wear on the material and glue, so always be aware of how intense the heat is. If you use your airtrack outdoors it can also be smart to put a soft surface underneath, such as a rug, and always remember to remove sharp stones or anything that could possibly damage your airtrack.
Also check our selection of SUP boards.

Which airtrack is right for you?

When choosing the right airtrack for you, it depends most on what you want to use it for, as well as your weight. The bigger you are, the thicker an airtrack you will need, as you should preferably have a proper vent to make your jumps and achieve soft landings.
If you need an airtrack for play or beginner / light exercise for the youngest children, a shorter airtrack with a thickness of 10 cm would be a clear choice. They will be able to have hours of fun jumping and playing on the airtrack while training their movement and just tumbling around as activity.
For the slightly older children, their skill as gymnasts will play a role in their need for thickness and length of the airtrack. Longer airtracks will give them more opportunities for jump combinations and more space to unfold and become more proficient.
For trained gymnasts and adults, a longer airtrack with a thickness of 20 cm will greatly benefit their training and generally also provide far better options for jump combinations, as well as better take off and softer landings.
Record and share your airtrack experiences with an action camera.

Accessories for airtracks

The accessories for your airtrack are generally an electric pump and a bag for efficient storage. These are typically included with the purchase of your airtrack here on our site.
Find here all our different accessories for airtracks.